The MacKenzie Trail

We would like to remind our members of the special golfing relationship we have with other MacKenzie associated courses, both within the local area and further afield. The MacKenzie trail forms a subset of 9 courses including our own, within easy travelling distance, where you can enjoy some great golf at superb rates. All courses offer members of Bramall Park, the opportunity to play these courses as part of the MacKenzie Trail for just £20 each per person.

Please mention that you are a member of Bramall Park and wish to play the cause in relation to the MacKenzie Trail to take advantage of this special rate.

See the leaflets around the clubhouse or watch the video to the right and pick up a record card to take a note of your visits to each club. Once you have visited and played all 9, you may apply to obtain the MacKenzie Trail certificate using the record card as evidence. - Happy MacKenzie golfing!!

The courses available, are as follows -

The ‘MacKenzie Trail’ offers 4 x MacKenzie courses within 20 miles of Bramall Park, 3 x more within 50 miles and 2 x more within 80 miles.

Within 20 Miles
Cavendish GC, Buxton 17 Miles  Hazel Grove GC, 5 miles  Reddish Vale GC, 6 miles

50 Miles
Sitwell GC, 50 miles, Bolton Old Links GC, 27 miles Nelson GC, 46 miles

80 Miles
Walsall GC, 69 miles  Sutton Coldfield GC, 76 miles