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Whether you are a visiting for the first time, loved the course and wish to play again or would like to play in one of our upcoming Open Competitions, you will find all the information you require here. 

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Course Overview and Hole Tour

Bramall Park offers a classic Parkland layout with two par 5's and four par 3's and you must score well on the par 3's if you are going to put a good score together.

The Front Nine are considered to be the easier nine on the course and with a good score going, you need to hold it together through the "Amen Corner" of 10 through 13 if you are going to finish in the prizes.

Take a look through the hole by hole tour below and pick where to push or play conservative. Good Luck.

Hole 1
White 365 yd par 4 SI 8    -    Yellow 359 yd par 4 SI 8    -    Red 352 yd par 4 SI 6

A stream dominates the 1st hole, with houses and out-of-bounds to the left and a line of trees to the right. The opening drive must be taken seriously and anything short, will leave a very risky second shot to the green over the stream that runs in the bottom of a gully.

Hole 2
White 288 yd par 4 SI 16  -  Yellow 275 yd par 4 SI 16  -  Red 236 yd par 4 SI 16

One of the shortest par 4's on the course and a real birdie opportunity to get your round going. The tee shot needs to be threaded between the large trees facing you or just power it over the top - left half of the fairway after the trees is the ideal spot for your approach shot up the green.

Hole 3
White 375 yd par 4 SI 6    -    Yellow 364 yd par 4 SI 6    -    Red 336 yd par 4 SI 4

The 3rd hole presents you with a generous fairway protected by a single bunker on the right, but take care with your approach to avoid the dell to the left of the green, making an up-and-down, highly unlikely.

Hole 4

White 118 yd par 3 SI 18    -    Yellow 111 yd par 3 SI 18    -    Red 107 yd par 3 SI 18

A short par 3, and stoke index 18, but the green is protected by several deep bunkers, steep banks and the out of bounds line is only 10 feet from the rear of the green.

hole4      Hole-4

Hole 5

White 373 yd par 4 SI 10    -    Yellow 343 yd par 4 SI 10    -    Red 336 yd par 4 SI 8

Another birdie opportunity from this par 4, as the fairway is generous and even a pushed or pulled shot can still have a route to the green. If your tee shot finds the single bunker on the right of the fairway, you can still easily find the green with wedge or 9 iron.

hole5     Hole-5

Hole 6

White 574 yd par 5 SI 4    -    Yellow 557 yd par 5 SI 4    -    Red 484 yd par 5 SI 2

The 6th is a genuine par 5 with out of bounds running all down the right. Trees and a pit await the hooked drive and bunkers, left and right, threaten the 2nd shot. The photo looks across the 6th green to the 7th tees.

Hole 6     Hole-6

Hole 7

White 152 yd par 3 SI 14    -    Yellow 150 yd par 3 SI 14    -    Red 143 yd par 3 SI 14

A tricky uphill par 3 and sheltered from the wind on the tee, club selection is important.

Hole 7     Hole-7

Hole 8

White 402 yd par 4 SI 2    -    Yellow 395 yd par 4 SI 2    -    Red 390 yd par 5 SI 10

The 8th brings the stream in to play again, as on the first. Normally played in to the prevailing wind, it may be best to lay up with your second unless you are level or past the fairway bunkers.

Hole 8     Hole-8

Hole 9

White 370 yd par 4 SI 12    -    Yellow 360 yd par 4 SI 12    -    Red 332 yd par 4 SI 6

The 9th presents a relatively easy finish to the front nine but be careful with your approach as anything short will normally kick in to the bunker protecting the front right of the green.

Hole 9     Hole-9

Hole 10

White 436 yd par 4 SI 5    -    Yellow 426 yd par 4 SI 5    -    Red 367 yd par 4 SI 3

A tough start to the back nine and the first of four holes that can make or break your round. Take care with the approach as anything leaking right will be close to out of bounds that runs all the way down the right edge of the hole.

Hole 10     Hole-10

Hole 11

White 443 yd par 4 SI 1    -    Yellow 436 yd par 4 SI 1    -    Red 366 yd par 4 SI 1

Stroke index 1, so another tough hole. Again, out of bounds runs all down the right of the hole and the second shot is played to an elevated green, so anything short will probably not make it up the bank.

Hole 11     Hole-11

Hole 12

White 191 yd par 3 SI 11    -    Yellow 180 yd par 3 SI 11    -    Red 177 yd par 3 SI 13

A tough par three to hit, with bunkers left and right. The green slopes subtly from back to front, so anything past the pin leaves tricky and quick put to make par.

Hole 12     Hole-12

Hole 13

White 309 yd par 4 SI 17    -    Yellow 300 yd par 4 SI 17    -    Red 276 yd par 4 SI 15

Hole four of what some refer to as Amen Corner and a deceptively difficult par 4. The decision is whether to take a driver and go past the bunker or an iron and lay up before the bunker. Be careful on the approach as the out of bounds is just 3 yards over the green.

Hole 13     Hole-13

Hole 14

White 502 yd par 5 SI 9    -    Yellow 487 yd par 5 SI 9    -    Red 457 yd par 5 SI 5

A great dogleg par 5 and an opportunity to attack. A reasonable drive and second shot should leave a short pitch in to the green and a chance for a birdie.

Hole 14     Hole-14

Hole 15

White 177 yd par 3 SI 13    -    Yellow 167 yd par 3 SI 13    -    Red 140 yd par 3 SI 17

The 15th demands a well-struck teeshot that hits the green and sticks. Anything short or right will tumble off downhill into thick rough or one of the very deep bunkers.

Hole 15     Hole-15

Hole 16

White 412 yd par 4 SI 3    -    Yellow 405 yd par 4 SI 3    -    Red 399 yd par 4 SI 11

A great par 4 requiring a straight and well struck tee-shot if you are to reach the green in two. Anything short and left will kick further left or catch the bunker, making a par unlikely.

Hole 16     Hole-16

Hole 17

White 351 yd par 4 SI 15    -    Yellow 344 yd par 4 SI 15    -    Red 314 yd par 4 SI 9

A good tee shot will set you up for another birdie opportunity but trees await left and right for anything slightly wayward. Again, be cautious of going long with your approach as a path and very deep rough are just 3 yards from the rear of the green.

Hole 17     Hole-17

Hole 18

White 377 yd par 4 SI 7    -    Yellow 367 yd par 4 SI 7    -    Red 337 yd par 4 SI 7

A straightforward finish to the round, provided you avoid the bank on the left, the bunker just after the road, the trees on the right - oh, and the trees on the left.

Hole 18     Hole-18

Green Fees

Below, you will find details of our standard visitor and guest rates, but check out our special offers or Society Deals, as we regularly offer discounted tee times dependant on availability.

Weekdays are £45 per day, or £40 for a single round

Saturdays, Sundays & Bank Holidays are £55 per day, or £48 for a single round

Member's Guests, Weekdays are £24 per day or £17.50 for a single round

Members’ Guests, Saturdays, Sundays & Bank Holidays are £26 per day or £20 for a single round

Open Competitions and Charity Am/Am

You can book a tee time in one of our Open Competitions and pay online, leaving you free to concentrate on your competitive game when you arrive on the day.

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Society Bookings

We welcome societies and corporate groups throughout the year. No matter what size your group is, we can provide you a great day out and provide a wide choice of menu, excellent facilities and 18 holes of golf on a well maintained course to ensure that everyone has a memorable day. Our clubhouse and pro shop staff are on hand to assist you and look after your every need.

Our club is very popular with societies and you are advised to book early by clicking on the contact us button at the  foot of this page.

Our society rates can be tailored to your specific requirements, including food and drinks before and after your golf. Please contact the office to discuss your requirements and obtain a detailed quotation.

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