BPGC History

BPGC as it was -

For those of us not in our senior years or with fading memories, we thought it would be good to show you a little of the history of Bramall ark Golf Club - shown on the right, in the aerial photos of the course.

The first photo is from 1940 and the second is from 1967 - take a look at the vast changes that have taken place in the intervening years - in particular the number of trees across the course, which have increased enormously over the years. The first hole for example is completely devoid of trees between the 1st and 9th fairways!

You will also be able to spot the overall course changes which saw the introduction of the new 12th and 13th holes, allowing for the introduction of the practice area in the middle of the course, not to mention the numerous bunker and fairway changes. If anyone can explain what is going on with the 9th hole in the 1967 photo, please let us know!

It is always a hot topic of discussion between members when trees are removed for any reason, but rest assured we're not intending to return the course to it's almost Links style of years gone by.

Finally, if anyone has any photos or history of Bramall Park from years gone by, we'd love to share them, so please get in touch.



Bramall Park Golf Club - 1940Bramall Park Golf Club - 1967
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